Learn from the game we love!

“Let me tell you something my friend. Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane.” – Red to Andy Dufresne in the classic ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, 1994.

‘Heads’ was the call of Sri Lankan Skipper , but we kept our ‘Heads’ throughout the game and held high at the last.

We started their final hunt with a hope. It was profound in our fielding at the early power-play phase of the game, making one suspect if Kirsten injected any of those South-African genes into our players. Zaheer was un-hittable by the Lankan openers , banishing the fretful memories of the 1st over that he bowled to Gilchrist at the other occasion when we made it to the same stage. A fine century of a Sri Lankan batsman, only to be driven to vain with two 90’s from our side, one was stern and easily the cornerstone of the innings, while the other being masterful towards the end.

In case ,your brain is still in the buffering mode to get which match I’m talking about, let me be pleased to ask you this question, ‘Seriously, Which planet do you hail from?‘ .

Already a lot said about the Glory , let me share my perception upon the country’s RELIGIOUS festival.

A night of illimatable delight.

A night of illimatable delight. Midnight. April 2nd 2011.The scenes on major roads of India had to be seen to be believed. Men and women, old and young, inebriated and sober, on vehicles and on foot - all bound by one fact and one only: They had discovered the Indian in them. Have you ever seen the tri-color flag fluttering across every corner of the country on such a massive note held high with pride in the post-Independence period? They were all soaked in pride and glory, something many would die for.

A score of 275 wasn’t really a great threat considering the fire power of our batting, even when Sehwag departed off the very second ball of the innings but fear gripped onto millions for this ,

6.1 Malinga to Tendulkar, OUT, The ball that silenced a billion.

But as I talked earlier the ‘Hope‘ emulated in me by the way we fielded and later strengthened by watching Rajinikanth in the stands 😛 -> the result was a ‘Celebration’. Yes, when Cricket happen to be the religion, World Champion status would mean a one-way executive class ticket to paradise. So lets look upon the takeaways of this spectacular achievement.

->Sachin Tendulkar : I say HOW? 37 years , 6th World Cup , and you still manage to figure in top 3 run scorer’s of the tourney. Boost is not clearly the secret of your energy. We waited 28 years along with you for this moment. What if you had not scored runs in the finals, you had the date with the destiny and you kept it. Inspiring the ‘Player of Tournament’ to win the World Cup, apart for a billion, for yourself. Yeah, now I can convince more people why you are called the GOD.



All those who want Bharat Ratna for Sachin, he already earned more respect and honour from people than what that award can envisage upon him , Let it come naturally rather than asking for. (No disrespect to the highest Civilian award). Learn from the master, the modesty and humbleness, besides how to be an ‘Inspiration’ for generations.

->MS Dhoni : First, A name which India doesn’t even know when we were thrashed at the same stage 8 years ago, now leading the entire side! Second, Tell me how many guts one must have to come up the order leaving behind a player who has got four MoM’s in the tourney. That too highest of his score being just 34 so far in entire event . And this man doesn’t thwart. A Man of the Match in the WC finals, that is a LEADER. Mr.Captain, I’m in awe with your cool quotient and innovation in the decision making! Ask me what was so special in that final knock? He didn’t even lift his bat or realize that he completed a half-ton, coz he knows that there is much gigantic task ahead. Look at his eyes when he hits *THAT* six. They speak volumes about what he is made up of. His famous Hindi comments at a press conference, in fact, sum up his calm interior: “Pressure lena nahin hai, dena hai!

April 2nd 2011 - 10:50 PM. *THAT* six!

April 2nd 2011 - 10:50 PM. *THAT* six!

There was a comment from a satire website on Twitter while the world cup final was happening which said: “All the politicians in Wankhede, please note, that’s what a leader looks like” #Dhoni. Though the comment is from a satire website the truth is not far away from that. The country needs to learn from Dhoni’s example, not just the politicians but every single citizen of this country. Learn the leadership,the Cool attitude and more importantly,taking the responsibility for your actions.

Tears from a MAN are always precious.

Tears from a MAN are always precious.

->Yuvraj Singh : Brought back into the team with strong back-up from Dhoni after being let down in most of India’s games last year, He was the Talisman of the team. Saying that he won the World Cup for Sachin,  he went on to become the ‘Player of Tournament’ . Let it be the final roar he makes down the pitch when he hunts the Kangaroos or the emotional outburst in tears after the finals, he was someone special. In a recent TOI interaction he says, “When I wake up in the morning for next 4 years, I always start the day in taking the pride that I was part of a World Champion team”. Sure,you deserve that dude!

Learn to raise to the situation and deliver,being a game changer and of course, how to get ‘Inspired’ from GOD!

->India-Pak Semis at Mohali : I suspect cricket was just invented just for the encounter of these two teams. A final clash, of course, would had taken up  the exponent much higher. Anyone who is there claiming the match was fixed, let me  take the privilege to get your brains fixed.   Pak were deprived  of their prime seamers  on betting charges, but still made it big at game. Let me not forget Wahab Riaz miracle  spell, especially his Yorker to Yuvraj. For me, that was ball of the WC 2011.And the maturity of Afridi, or for that matter even Sangakkara, speaking at post-match ceremony was   truly dignified,up with grace.

Learn how to show courage and dignity in defeat.

Guru ‘Gary’ role is indispensable in shaping the Champs.Also a silent toast to all other greats of the team who were part of raising the team to the summit,even though they are past and not the part – Saurav,Dravid,Laxman,Srinath and many more.All respect to Murali, for this match had marked the exit of the spin wizard from international arena.And the master mind,chief psychologist of our team,Mike Horn,who made their minds tune to the words “My will to win is much greater than the fear of loss”.

->RajiniKanth : Yeah, apart from GOD at crease, we had another GOD at the stands ,wearing the team’s blue jersey. “Anhoni ko honi karde, honi ko anhoni,ek jagah jab jama ho teeno…RAJNI,GAJNI AUR DHONI” read a tweet. Seriously,He is doing no good to stop the never-ending inane rajni jokes by helping India win like this. We played a fair game against Lankan captain fooling at the toss, we didn’t make use of ICC rules that even the spectators can be used to replace the fielders and get Rajni onto the field.In that case, The scoreboard would read, SriLanka 0/10 and every batsmen dismissal  – [ c Rajnikanth(sub)  b xyz ] Heh! Learn, wait a second, got the talent to learn from him? Already Vodafone 3G zoozoo’s had learnt a lot from him.



An image continues to flash in my mind, a person in the crowd holds a slogan : “We are waiting since 28 years” and the camera shows Sachin walking into the center. Goosebumps, do you feel them? And Rahman’s ‘Vande Mataram’ in the background and World Cup with Men in blue. Sheer poetry. A hope was kept and persevered.

The memories.In my possesion :)

The memories.In my possession 🙂

A few generations later, I can silently reminisce with pride and nostalgia that I was there, with my team, while they made me and my country proud.Thank you Team India.

“Remember, Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” – Andy Dufresne, in reply to Red. From, ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, 1994.

P.S : If you like this post , You may find this video interesting too.A must watch.




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